We invite you to participate in Congress!

We are happy to inform that registration to 3rd Congress of Field Practice BioPoint is ready to start. Congress starts in Olsztyn on 19th and 20th May. The main topic will be: Clinical aspects of immunosuppression in birds”. It is international conference for veterinarians – specialists of poultry diseases.

The BioPoint Congress of Field Practice was started in October 2014 in Ostroda, Poland. The main topic was Enteropathies in poultry population. There was over 90 veterinarians on the first conference, including speakers: Richard Turner (St David’s Poultry Team, UK), Jim Nicol (Kilco, UK), Vangelis Minos (Greece), dr Martin Metzner (Ripac-Labor, Germany) and scientists: prof. dr hab. Jan Jankowski (University of Warmia and Mazury, Olsztyn), prof. dr hab. Stanisław Ignatowicz (Warsaw University of Life Sciences). The organization of congress had a big feedback from the vets in the field, mainly because of speakers topics based on practice knowledge. It was a signal to continue conference organization and that is why the second Congress started in May 2015. The clue was Thermoregulation disorders and cardiovascular diseases. Now it’s time to the 3rd edition of Congress.

Congress is one of the biggest events for veterinarians and it’s a big challenge for our team, but thanks to our Partners it is easier to organize so big conference. We also have media support from Polish Poultry Magazine and Hodowca Drobiu & Indyk Polski.


If you are interested in participation in Congress, please fill registration form. Important information: after 31st April participation fee will be 25 Euro higher for each package.